First one he won’t remember and the second one isn’t real


except you don’t know if you can this time. you can’t kill the devil, and you’re losing faith, in yourself, your brother. i wish i could tell you something different.

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Favorite spn-episodes: 05.04. The End

“Whatever you do, you will always end up here. No matter what choices you make, what details you alter, we will always end up… here.”


Dean Winchester +Plaid Shirts ( season 8 )

bbcthree bbcamerica How can you say no to this face??

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Where’s the pie? You don’t understand. I need pie. // Cas in 8.22

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#kind of my ass #he fucking loved it #because like over ten years later he remember it vividly 

"Oh this is me,That’s when I split my pants You know what my favorite part of that is? When Jensen laughs. He’s got the best laugh there."

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Danneel Ackles at Comic Con